What is NannyMe?

NannyMe is the way modern parents hire and pay babysitters.  With the help of an advanced app in the App store, NannyMe allows parents to find an available babysitter within minutes.  Not only that, but we eliminate the hassle of cash transactions.  NannyMe allows you to pay your sitter with credit, debit, or a PayPal account.

Find Me a Nanny

If you are a parent looking for a last minute babysitter (and when we say last minute, we mean last minute), this feature is perfect for you.  Simply input your information and hit confirm.  After you submit your request, a notification is sent to all of our babysitters.  After that, it's simple.  You are notified of the first sitter to accept your job, and given the ability to view their profile as well as accept or decline them.  If you accept, the job is booked for both you and the sitter.  If you decline for some reason (we hope you won't), your job is put back into the feed of available jobs for sitters to view.

Request a Nanny

This feature is for our parents who have a specific sitter who they would like to request.  Unlike Find Me a Nanny, this option requires the request be made farther in advance.  If you are interested in using this option, simply hit "Request a Nanny," and browse all of the babysitters we have available.  After selecting one, input your information, confirm, and wait for the sitter to get back to you.


Get ready to be amazed.  With NannyMe, you no longer have to worry about scrambling around for the cash to pay your sitter.  Instead, all you have to do is enter your credit/debit/PayPal information the first time you use our service.  After that, it is stored for all future jobs.  All you have to do is confirm and add an optional tip.  It's as easy as that! Rates vary based on the number of children. 1 child is $15/hr, 2 children is $17.50/hr, 3 children is $20/hr, 4 children is $22.50/hr. For more than 4 children please contact us at info@nannyme.com.


Push Notifications

NannyMe is run through push notifications.  It is how the parent and sitter are able to communicate.  Because of this, it is very important that users have their push notifications turned ON.  (This can be done in the general iPhone settings)