How is our solution different than what already exists?

Our “Find Me a Nanny” option is truly what sets us apart from all other competitors.  There is absolutely nothing like it available from any other babysitting service.  Our main competitors are and UrbanSitter.  However, we have several differences that successfully set our company apart.  Both and UrbanSitter pride themselves on matching families with long-term Nannies, where NannyMe focuses on one-time sitters (with the option for a continued relationship.)  Additionally, is like a Craigslist for babysitters.  Anyone can make an account and show up when a family is looking for a sitter.  Because of this, parents must conduct their own research and background checks as well as schedule an interview before hiring a Nanny.  NannyMe does all of the work for you.  All of our sitters are required to be CPR certified, and have already been interviewed and trained.  Through and UrbanSitter, parents are also given the option to set their own rate.  NannyMe makes it easy because we already have flat rates set, even giving an option to tip.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation allows you to cancel any nanny up to three hours before the job. If you cancel within 3 hours of the time the job is scheduled to begin, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged to your account.

Every user whether that may be a parent or a sitter goes through a thorough process in order to be a part of our services.  

Safety of the app

Our average response time for a “Find me a Nanny” option is typically 5-45 minutes. Our average response time for a “Request a Nanny” option is typically 3-5 hours but could be much faster. If you are looking for a more last minute sitter, we suggest our “Find me a Nanny” option. If you are planning ahead of time and would like a more specialized request, we would suggest you use the “Request a Nanny” feature. If a nanny whom you’ve personally requested through the “Request a Nanny” feature is unavailable to work a job, the app will automatically prompt you to submit a backup “Find me a Nanny” request.

Response time

Due to our insurance policy our Nannies are not allowed to watch children under the age of four. We are sorry in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns.

Why is my child's age not available during sign up?

All NannyMe Nannies are all hand selected and go through an extensive application process to ensure your children are in the right hands. The application consists of a criminal record check, social media background check, grade point average check, face to face interview and a full training designed by the NannyMe team. Additionally, all of our nannies are CPR and first aid certified and carry a first pack with them to every job.


How do I know I can trust the sitters?


NannyMe currently only services families in the Sacramento Area and in the Bay Area. However, we are in the process of expanding our service locations. If you have a location you think NannyMe would thrive in, please email us at



Why isn't there an option for my location on the app?

You can update your payment information at any time.  Simply go to the “Settings” tab on the bottom right of the app and select “Payment Information.” From there, you can securely update your credit card information to ensure a quicker and easier “checkout” process at the end of a NannyMe job.


How do I update my payment method for a job?

If you would like to book multiple sitters for a party or other event, please contact us separately at  A different process is used to hire more than one Nanny, and this kind of request can not be processed through the app.

How do I book multiple sitters for the same job?

Background check procedure

We use two platforms in order to ensure the safety of both our nannies and our families. The first platform we use searches mugshots and arrest records for each name we type in along with a more narrow search by location. The second platform searches the sex offender registry for each given name and/or location.